Custom crates according to your needs

Specific products require specific transport and storage options. We understand those requirements like nobody else. To ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and undamaged, we also produce customised containers that meet the technical specifications you require.

We also offer a total service for making, adjusting and maintaining moulds and can guarantee extra added value for your product with special techniques such as insert moulding and multi-component injection moulding.

Our quality department is equipped to test containers according to the applicable standards, for example with regard to impact resistance and sturdiness.

Advantages of custom crates:

  • Flexibility in design: we think along with you and adjust the design according to your needs for optimal use
  • Combination of different materials and colours
  • Traceable with RFID & barcode (if desired)
  • Sustainable: our crates are not only be manufactured with recycled material, but also have a lifespan of +15 years

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