Your expert in plastic injection moulding

Since the 1960s, Didak Injection has focused on production techniques for the injection moulding of plastics. We are the ultimate pioneer and market leader in this field in the Benelux. Our decades of experience and our highly automated and diversified machinery are the perfect combination for high quality end products.

We continuously invest in the latest technologies for our machinery. We also provide continuous training on the latest techniques training to our employees.


Relationship of trust with our customers

We receive assignments from Belgium and abroad. We work for both large international companies and SME’s. Trust and long-term cooperation are very important for every customer.


Short communication lines

The secret of our success is based on our ability to provide our customers with fast communication and round-the-clock assistance throughout the entire production process.

We apply high quality standards during the production process, so you can be sure that the product meets your needs.

We produce around the clock, 7 days a week. With 130 employees and a five-shift system, we always offer our customers first-class service.


Machine park

We have more than 40 injection moulding machines, with force ranging from 25 to 3200 tons. They are in production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this machine park we manufacture plastic products > 10 kg and surfaces up to 2m². Our processes are fully automated and are customer-specific. Engineering is carried out entirely in-house. This extensive in-house automation allows Didak Injection to specialise in the production of large series.

The automation of our injection moulding machines, tailored to each project, is done entirely in-house. Thanks to in-house engineering, our machines operate at extremely high speeds and produce large volumes in a short time, even when assembling complex products. The supply of raw materials and assembly is fully automatic and continuous. This leads to a lower error rate, higher accuracy, faster cycle times and makes production less labour-intensive.


100% sustainable production

At Didak Injection, sustainability is central. Our products are made with maximum recycled material and we achieve zero material waste.

But at Didak Injection, we also go one step further. Not only are our raw materials environmentally friendly, our production processes are also energy efficient and 100% CO2 neutral. This is achieved thanks to our own solar panel park and the Belgian biomass power station which we have built.

Our biomass plant, Albertstroom, is one of the most innovative energy sources in the European SME world, with an input of manure, energy crops and biologically degradable organic waste.

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At Didak Injection we strive to keep up with the latest technical developments.

Innovative raw materials for maximum customer satisfaction

At Didak Injection, we are constantly testing new raw materials and their additives to optimise the properties of our products, for example more impact resistance without sacrificing material stiffness, or the use of foams allowing moulds to function under lower pressure, resulting in minimal product stress. This is how our products meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Product development with visual representation

To ensure that our products meet all required functionalities, we visualise them in their future environment and make a 3D print of the final product. This way, we can efficiently check whether everything is going according to plan before we start constructing the mould.

Optimisation of the production process through industrial automation

Industry 4.0 is our reality. We are constantly optimising our production processes using digital information for each individual machine. All data on packaging conditions, production performance and quality are decentralised and available to every machine operator.

New automated packaging line

Our fully automated packaging line ensures optimal turnaround time for the pallets.

  • Efficient internal logistical handling: film wrapping and truck loading are carried out automatically
  • Various packaging options: horizontal strapping, vertical strapping, choice of wrapping type, top sheet, possibility to combine packaging
  • The packaging material is 100% recyclable
  • Improved customer traceability: 2 or 4-sided labelling
  • Error-free delivery through traceability
  • Sustainable: minimal waste by using the right packaging

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