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Expertise from design to production

Do you need a specific product, or a product component with specific requirements, such as custom dimensions, shape or material? Are the numbers high enough to justify a mould investment? Then custom moulding can offer the ideal solution.

With custom moulding, custom moulds are made in order to meet your needs for manufacturing a custom product.

It is important for you to involve Didak Injection from the start of your project. This allows us to incorporate points of attention which are useful for the injection moulding process at the start of the design. This can influence the final choice of materials for the design.


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What can we produce for you?

Injection molding with plastics offers numerous possibilities: from small parts to advanced industrial components. We produce a wide range of durable products in large quantities in a flexible and efficient manner.


  • Mobility: dashboard panels, bumpers, bicycle helmets, saddles
  • Agriculture: propagation trays, egg trays
  • Construction: pipes, cavity wall ties
  • Industry: machine parts, industrial containers
  • Chemicals: bottles, jars, tubes
  • Logistics & supply chain: pallets, bins, protective packaging
  • Energy transition: connectors for lightweight solar panels
  • Home & garden / DIY: storage boxes, bowls, pots, reusable cups, tool holders
  • Other: sports equipment, protective accessories, etc.

Advantages of custom moulding

  • Precision custom-made: Injection moulding allows for the production of highly detailed and complex components or shapes, with extreme accuracy.
  • Efficiency and speed: We can produce high volumes in no time.  By choosing a family mould, even multiple different components can be produced with one mould, making production even more efficient.
  • Quality and durability: Injection moulding ensures consistent, high-quality results with a long lifespan. 
  • Flexibility in material choice: Plastic components are often lightweight, making them easy to handle and install. They can be flexible or very sturdy, depending on the application. A wide range of thermoplastics is available, each with unique properties such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance, density, lifespan, etc.
  • Combination of materials: At Didak Injection, we can also combine different materials in one product. This provides extra design freedom.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Although the initial investment in a mould can be high, injection moulding is cost-effective in the long run, thanks to high production speed, low labour costs, and efficient material usage.

You can rely on our expertise for the selection of the right plastic: PP, ABS, PE, etc.

Our custom moulding service offers expertise from design to production of finished products. Our advanced machinery enables plastic injection moulding of small to large plastic components. We also offer a total service for making, adjusting and maintaining moulds and can guarantee extra added value for your product with special techniques such as insert moulding and multi-component injection moulding.