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Expertise from design to production

Do you need a specific product, or a product component with specific requirements, such as custom dimensions, shape or material? Are the numbers high enough to justify a mould investment? Then custom moulding can offer the ideal solution.

With custom moulding, custom moulds are made in order to meet your needs for manufacturing a custom product.

It is important for you to involve Didak Injection from the start of your project. This allows us to incorporate points of attention which are useful for the injection moulding process at the start of the design. This can influence the final choice of materials for the design.

Advantages of custom moulding:

  • High Accuracy: Use of high-tech machinery
  • Fast production time: The injection moulding process has a faster turnaround time since machines are able to produce large numbers
  • Durability : The plastic injection moulding process creates less waste than traditional production methods. Moreover, we also work with sustainable and/or recycled materials.

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You can rely on our expertise for the selection of the right plastic: PP, ABS, PE, etc.

Our custom moulding service offers expertise from design to production of finished products. Our advanced machinery enables plastic injection moulding of small to large plastic components. We also offer a total service for making, adjusting and maintaining moulds and can guarantee extra added value for your product with special techniques such as insert moulding and multi-component injection moulding.

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