What are moulds?

High-quality and precise moulds are essential for the production of quality plastic products. At Didak Injection, we have our own mould department where moulds are designed, adjusted, and maintained.

What are moulds?

Moulds are carefully crafted steel components used in the plastic injection moulding or custom moulding production process. The most complex shapes or details are possible.

In injection moulding, the plastic is first melted and injected into the mould under high pressure. Once the liquid has cooled evenly, the final product can be removed from the mould.

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Advantages of moulds

Designing and manufacturing a mould is always an investment, but this is outweighed by the benefits of quality moulds:

  • design freedom: the most complicated and detailed designs are possible to create the most innovative products or product components;
  • efficiency and cost savings: moulds allow for the production of complex shapes with high precision and speed. This increases the efficiency of the production process and reduces costs per unit;
  • consistency: Every product produced using a mould has the same shape and dimensions and is identical;
  • mass production: due to rapid and consistent production, it is possible to produce large quantities of identical parts for various industries, such as the automotive, electronics, and packaging industries.

Is your product evolving and requiring adjustments or optimisations to existing moulds? This can be done in the in-house mould department of Didak Injection.

Our mould technicians are trained for the revision and repair of moulds and are ready to intervene when interventions or optimisations are needed. Thanks to our skilled mould technicians, we also guarantee minimal delays and downtime that can incur additional costs in the production process.

Do you have questions or would you like more information about moulds? Feel free to contact us at sales@didak.eu.