Didak Injection is the ultimate pioneer and market leader in plastic injection moulding in the Benelux.

Didak Injection is the ultimate pioneer and market leader in plastic injection moulding in the Benelux. Our decades of experience and our highly automated and diversified machinery are the perfect combination for high quality end products.

In addition to production, we also offer the following services:



From initial concept to production-ready design

You may have already worked out an initial concept to solve a specific technical challenge within your field. We guide you every step of the way, from optimising functionality, quality and efficient production techniques to finding the right price/quality ratio. This includes the production of prototypes and the production of the actual moulds for plastic injection moulding.

If you are already further in the product development process and have a technical design ready, we can use our expertise to make potential product improvements. We process a wide range of materials, ranging from bulk raw materials (PE, PP) to engineering plastics (ABS, PP, POM). Together with you, our engineers determine the material with the best properties for maximum reusability and are focused on recycling aspects.

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Custom design

Do technical challenges in your field require more flexibility than our standard solutions can provide? Do you need a custom moulding product which has to meet very specific requirements? We can also help you in that case. Our engineers are ready to review your project and work with you to draw up a design which meets the specific technical requirements you have.

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Tech Lab (RFID, IoT, Google, Baxter, Track&Trace)

At Didak Injection we use the latest technologies and innovative solutions in our Tech Lab. Our team of experts works with advanced technologies such as RFID, IoT, Google and Baxter to provide advanced solutions in track & trace and other smart applications.

Thanks to RFID, we can provide your products with the necessary intelligence. Discover the many possibilities for advanced techniques right here.

Thanks to our specialisation in multi-component injection, insert moulding, in-mould labelling and other advanced techniques, we guarantee high added value for your product. We produce high-quality, reusable plastic crates with different features, sizes and colours, according to Euro standards for maximum pallet and truck compatibility. Our durable crates have a lifespan of more than 15 years.

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Didak Injection offers you various high-tech applications:

Multi-component injection

With this technique, Didak Injection processes several materials with different properties, colours or levels of hardness into one end product in the same mould.

Gas injection

We produce hollow plastic products via gas injection. After filling the mould completely or partially with liquid plastic, we inject an inert gas under constant pressure. This creates a hollow wall. This technique offers additional design freedom. Material saving and high sturdiness are also extra features.

Insert moulding

Technique in which a non-plastic part is moulded with plastic, for example when placing an insert or reinforcing a plastic product.

In-mould labelling

Printed plastic foil is placed in the mould and is anchored in the product after injection moulding.

For example, through in-moulding we can reinforce your product in specific areas.

Other printing options are also possible. Feel free to ask for a non-binding quote.

Duo techniques 

Our many years of expertise have allowed us to integrate many duo techniques. Whether it concerns a combination of different materials within one design, or different colour combinations, our machine park allows us to meet the most specific requirements of your product.
A major advantage of duo techniques is that it offers the possibility to create complex products with different properties in one go. Because it is integrated into the injection moulding process, no assembly is required afterwards. This allows us to create unique products using hard and soft materials or products with different colour combinations.

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Mould and mould maintenance

High-quality moulds are essential for custom moulding. We offer a total service for both the construction of the mould and repairs, revisions and optimisations. We have the required know-how to design and produce new, ingenious moulds or to outsource them in a controlled manner.

Didak Injection has its own mould department to provide direct support in case of unforeseen production interruptions. In addition, preventive maintenance significantly extends the life of the mould. We work closely with carefully selected mould builders and ensure that the right mould is made, tailored to the quality of the expected product and the production volume.

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Automatic packaging line

We don't just think along with you for the development of your product. Our automatic packaging line offers many advantages:

  • Efficient internal logistical handling: film wrapping and truck loading are carried out automatically
  • Various packaging options: horizontal strapping, vertical strapping, choice of wrapping type, top sheet, possibility to combine packaging
  • The packaging material is 100% recyclable
  • Improved customer traceability: 2 or 4-sided labelling
  • Error-free delivery through traceability
  • Sustainable: less waste by using the right packaging
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