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How we can solve your problems

Space saving

Our smart stacking system ensures maximum storage and transport capacity.


Our crates have a lifespan of more than 15 years and are produced with maximum recycled materials.


Maximise the efficiency of our crates with our smart 2-colour system.

Optimal Tracking

Our innovative tracking system with RFID code and IML label, the first of its kind, allows you to track your goods right from the loading stage.

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Custom Moulding: 100% customisation

Custom moulding is a process in which liquid plastic is injected into a mould. The mould is then cooled and opened as soon as the raw material has sufficiently crystallised, after which the part which has been formed is demoulded.

Custom moulding is an innovative technique useful for companies in various sectors (packaging industry, logistics sector, construction and electronics)

Our versatile and highly automated machine park enables the injection moulding of very small objects to larger plastic components with an emphasis on precision and quality.

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Standard crates

Discover our own range of reusable plastic bins, crates and cases, ideal for the transport and storage of fruit, bread, fish, meat, vegetables, logistics and material handling. Our standard crates are hygienic because they are easy to maintain, space-saving, produced according to Euro standards for maximum pallet and truck compatibility and approved for food products. Available with open or perforated bottom, and with perfect traceability (RFID & barcode).

Our Multi crates and BIN crates are also strong, practical and easy to clean and reduce the volume during transport. They are manufactured according to Euro standards.

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Custom crates

At your request, we also design completely new containers and crates when the numbers or the project allow for a new mould investment.

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A specific crate for each sector

We offer solutions for various industries, including the meat and poultry industry, bakery industry and fishing industry. Our crates meet Euro standards for maximum pallet and truck compatibility, and are made from food-grade raw materials.

Do you need plastic crates to be used in another industry? We can help you as well. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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