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Euro standard crates for the fruit and vegetables sector

Our reusable plastic containers are specially designed for the transport and storage of fruit and vegetables. They comply with Euro standards for maximum pallet and truck compatibility and offer maximum hygiene, optimum cleanability, space-saving transport and storage solutions and perfect traceability (RFID & barcode).

Advantages of our crates for the fruit and vegetables industry:

  • Space-saving transport and storage solutions
  • Available with open or perforated bottoms and sides, in various heights, breathable if needed
  • Food safe: Approved for storage and transport of foodstuffs
  • Resistant to temperatures up to -30 °C: ideal for refrigerated storage
  • Sturdy so that products are not crushed or bruised
  • Maximum hygiene and easy to clean
  • Manufactured according to Euro standards
  • Stackable
  • Easy to handle during the logistics process
  • Traceable with RFID & barcode (if desired)
  • Sustainable: our standard crates are not only be manufactured with recycled material, but also have a lifespan of +15 years

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