Didak Injection and Albertstroom: A Sustainable Synergy for a Greener Future

In 2015, Didak Injection installed one of the most innovative energy sources in the European SME sector. With the energy supplied by the biomass power plant Albertstroom, we are able to run our entire factory today. This commitment contributes to a sustainable future and the reduction of our ecological footprint.

Albertstroom: A Pioneer in Green Energy

Albertstroom proudly stands as one of the largest installations in Europe that produces 100% green electricity. It employs biomass technology based on fermentation, offering a sustainable alternative to incineration. With a production capacity of up to 11 MW per hour, Albertstroom has proven to be a reliable source of green energy. Annually, it can convert up to 150,000 tons of organic biological material into biogas. This is a crucial step in reducing waste and harnessing renewable resources. Through this conversion, Didak Injection contributes to a circular economy and reduces reliance on non-sustainable energy sources.


Impressive Output from Albertstroom

The output from Albertstroom is impressive, illustrating the immense potential of biomass as an energy source. Providing Didak Injection with 88,100 MWh of green electricity and 75,200 MWh of green heat annually, Albertstroom ensures a dependable and sustainable energy supply. Additionally, it produces 47,000 tons of compost, displaying Albertstroom's positive impact on waste management and soil health.


Didak - Albertstroom

Optimised ORC Technology

The achieved overall electrical efficiency of 47.5% is partially attributed to the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) installation, which converts engine waste heat into green electricity. This investment not only supports green energy production but also enhances energy efficiency and optimisation.


100% Heat Utilisation

A unique feature of Albertstroom is its 100% heat utilisation, both for internal and external applications. A neighbouring company utilises green thermal energy and reclaimed process water from Albertstroom for their concrete production process. Through the storage of generated electricity by Trevion, also a part of Didak Injection, 26,550 households in the immediate vicinity are supplied with green electricity.


Didak Injection: Minimal Ecological Footprint

Every industrial processing procedure carries its own ecological footprint, but at Didak Injection, we make a difference. We embrace the green energy fuelled by organic waste in our biomass power plant, Albertstroom, resulting in minimal environmental impact. With a mere 0.003825596 gCO2eq/kWh, we establish a new standard for sustainability. For us, a small ecological footprint is not just a dream, but a reality.